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One of the biggest issues with classic vehicle is that they’re not used regularly. 

For example, if you leave your car in the garage for too long, its seals and rubber components can dry out and cause leaks.

Driving your vehicle at least once per month can slow the aging process. But as with all things ‘of a certain age’ they’re prone to niggles and complications, so it’s important that you keep on top of your classic car’s maintenance.

The Classic Workshop offers the following services to keep your classic on the road:

  • Vehicle Servicing
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Light Restoration & Rust Repairs
  • Pre -purchase inspection
  • Pre-certification & compliance

Why A Classic Specialist?

At The Classic Workshop your vehicle is in the safe hands of an enthusiastic team committed to giving our customers the ‘grin factor’ that comes from driving a classic.

Working on classic cars is a combination of problem solving and great attention to detail, or as our Workshop Manager puts it ‘one part Sherlock Holmes, two parts Indiana Jones.’ Studying the era, researching a cars history and provenance, finding parts and being willing to jump through hoops for compliance and authenticity statements is all part of the fun.

Our team have the knowledge and experience that comes from working on a wide range of classics.

What’s more, they understand what it means to own a classic vehicle as they are classic owners themselves.

In our workshop team’s garages you’ll find vehicles from across the eras:

  • from 1920’s Nash and Plymouth, 
  • to mid-century De Soto and Ford, 
  • up to the 1970’s and 1980’s Japanese classics of the future.

You’ll also find  a variety of bikes including a 1928 Harley Davidson 1200 with sidecar, a 1929 Harley Davidson Pea Shooter and a 1947 Harley Knucklehead. 

As well as general mechanical expertise our team includes tuning expertise honed from extracting extra performance on race cars, as well as engineering, fabrication and panel beating skills.

The Importance Of A Regular Service

Even if your mileage is very low you should have your car serviced by a classic specialist at least once a year. Our services are thorough and take particular notice of the things that affect older cars.

For example:

  • Fluids need to be checked even more scrupulously in an older car as their age means that they will tolerate less. Essentially, it’s the fluids running your car because the life of your engine highly depends on them. Put off changing your engine oil and oil filters and you could be skating on thin ice.
  • Your wheel alignment should be checked every two years since that’s what causes suspension wear and tear. If you’ve done a lot of full-throttling or hard-braking, it’s possible that the suspension isn’t looking very good. Always make sure that you aren’t riding overinflated tyres as the suspension and steering components get deteriorated.
  • It’s easy to overlook your engine belts. These belts are the ones running your engine smoothly, so if they’re wearing out you could end up with a much bigger problem later.  Avoid expensive repair in the future with timely replacement of your belts.

Parts availability can be challenging on some classics, but a specialist classic mechanic can find spare parts that would otherwise be difficult to get without access to trade suppliers.

Avoid Bigger Problems And Save Money In The Long Run

It is easy to overlook simple repairs that could turn into more serious issues. Our mechanics will let you know if there is anything that should be fixed before it becomes a full blown and costly problem. Servicing doesn’t ensure that nothing will ever go wrong with your classic car, but it can help you avoid big problems. Pop into our workshop to make sure that minor problem doesn’t turn into a major costly repair.

Get An Expert Opinion

Every time you bring your car to us, you’re leaving it in the hands of a classic car expert. You can ask any questions or voice concerns you may have and get the opinion of someone who knows classic cars through and through. This is vital when you own a vintage or historic vehicle as they require specialist care and knowledge. Our mechanics will be able to offer advice if you have any concerns about your car. It’s also a great opportunity to throw around ideas about any restoration and upgrade plans you may have for the vehicle.

Stay Safe

Just because your vehicle seems to be running fine doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem lurking beneath the bonnet that could mean it is not safe to drive. 

Having your vehicle regularly serviced means it is being looked at by a professional who knows when something is wrong with your vehicle. They will be able to let you know about any problems that may compromise the safety of the vehicle so that they can be addressed and repaired right away.

For example, you should bleed and replace the brake fluid in your vehicle at least once every two years or 48000kms, in order to maintain your classic vehicle’s stopping ability.